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In Relation To JBoss Asylum

In Relation To JBoss Asylum

With a short but busy delay since the last podcast we now got Episode 11 of JBoss Asylum out.

We cover some of the big things that have happend since the last podcast such as the Security Incident, the upcoming JUDCon conference, changes around the jBPM project, the new Maven repository at JBoss, Hibernate 3.5 and JBoss Tools releases.

In the end we briefly talk about the VMForce annoncement and other cloud offerings.

You can get it all from The Asylum Episode 11, send feedback here.

Bob on Torquebox, Ruby in a Java world and other jewels

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Episode 9 of JBoss Asylum is ready for download.

While I was trapped in the snowy mountains, Emmanuel and Michael recorded this podcast which has short news and a talk with Bob McWirther about his work regarding TorqueBox.

They talk about what TorqueBox brings to the table for both Java and Ruby developers and how TorqueBox via the JBoss AS 5 micro-container architecture enables Ruby to run inside AS 5 and optionally utilize the Java environment for its added functionality and especially clustering facilities.

Bob also talks about why he started The CodeHaus, help gave birth to Groovy and how he got involved into JBoss via his Drools and OSS community work.

Go get it at The Asylum Episode 9

Episode 8 of JBoss Asylum is now available.

In this late night episode Emmanuel has a confession concerning clustered Lucene indexes

The news are a compacted version of the massive number of releases did, at least known to us, in December and January

And finally we have Andrew and Aslak dropping in to talk about Embedded AS, ShrinkWrap and Arquillian - all ongoing prototype work to speed up and improve our unit and integration testing with EE application containers.

Both Max and Aslak had issues with their connection during this interview, so the audio quality is not perfect in places but we hope you will enjoy it anyway.

Go get it at The Asylum Episode 8

Just in time for the holidays and New Year we present to you Episode 7 of JBoss Asylum

This one is a recording Emmanuel and I did at Devoxx with Manik Surtani on the topic of Infinispan.

We managed to cover a lot of ground in this one about Clustering, scalability, distributed caching, massive indexing and queryable caches via Hibernate Search.

We even let Manik explain what Infinispan is and what he thinks about Devoxx.

Grab it from The Asylum Episode 7

Emmanuel and I sat down with Pete and Dan at Devoxx to talk about CDI and Weld.

Dan and Pete present what is CDI and what is Weld.

We discuss how CDI portable extensions allows you to extend and build on top instead of around the standard platform.

And of course you get to hear how Dan and Pete ended up working within the JBoss Community.

Get it all and more from Episode 6 at The Asylum.

JBoss Community Asylum 5 - Portal Love and more French accents

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We got Thomas Heute to talk with us shortly before Devoxx and had a chat about Portal's, what are they good for and what developers should care about when it come to using a portal such as JBoss Portal or the new GateIn portal project.

General news and releases are also covered and you can listen to it from or via iTunes.

Have fun!

Asylum 4 is out.

Talking with Hardy Ferentschik about the finalization of Bean Validation specification and its reference implementation (Hibernate Validator).

The podcast also covers short news from and what we think about the opensourcing of Intellij.

Have fun!

JBoss Community Asylum 3 - Rambling like an old couple

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Episode 3 from the Asylum is now available at

This time it's Michael and I discussing the related news which this time covers Bean Validation, Drools, WebBeans and Netty. We also have a short talk about the work going on related to providing a Maven repository for both projects and products at JBoss and we touch upon how we tried (and failed?) to use Google Wave for the shownotes.

New graphics

This podcast upload also enables the new graphics design made by Cheynne from the graphics team - Thank you Cheynne.


If you got feedback or suggestions for topics to cover, people to interview then put a comment on the blog or send us a mail.


Episode 4 is already recorded and will be available when libsyn bandwidth allows it - here we interview Hardy and Emmanuel on the Bean Validation specification and reference implementation.

Have fun!

We just published the second episode of JBoss Community Asylum.

This time we sat down with Aaron Walker, a long time JBoss Community member which started his involvement all the way back to JBoss 2. From there on he worked on messaging, drools, hibernate search and others. Aaron also gives his advice on how to get involved with JBoss projects and how he learned to cope with being Brock'ed.

In the short news we touch upon Google summer of code, Beer, Java 5 being end-of-life and more.

Get the episode and see full show notes at Asylum

Asylum - a podcast about and by the JBoss Community

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A crazy experiment called JBoss Community Asylum is now live via and iTunes.

The idea is to get a podcast focused on the JBoss Community and its projects: news, interviews etc.

The podcast are done by Emmanuel Bernard, Michael Neale and Me.

We welcome any feedback, please leave it as comments on the Asylum blog.

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