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In Relation To Events

In Relation To Events

Emmanuel at JavaOne 2010

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JavaOne 2010

JBoss will be at JavaOne 2010 and so am I.

I will be doing a couple of regular sessions:

  • Bean Validation: Best Practice for Real Life (Tuesday, September 21, 1:00PM Hilton San Francisco, Continental Parlor 1/2/3)
  • Panel: Java EE 6 Panel: What Do We Do Now? (Wednesday, September 22, 10:00AM Hilton San Francisco, Continental Parlor 1/2/3)
  • Java Persistence API Futures BOF (Wednesday, September 22, 14:15)

And some of the JBoss mini-session at our booth (#5206). What's new in Hibernate: a JPA 2 perspective on Monday at 11:00AM and Wednesday at 2:00PM.

And of course I won't miss the JBoss party on Tuesday 21st 5:00PM (registration required).

If you want to know about all the JBoss events at Java One 2010, check out this page.

See you there.


And for the JBoss community (especially the European on), don't miss the JUDCon community gathering Oct 7-8 in Berlin. You can even speak but hurry, the call-for-papers ends this Sunday (19th).

MC's DI\IoC article, JBVE and JBoss5 VFS cache usage update

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Although this is old news, just to make a simple blog announcement,
DZone posted my MC part II. article, the title is Advanced Dependency Injection and IoC.

It's about how we do DI/IoC in MC, not what others don't do.
The advanced notion relates to usage beyond simple attribute/property injection.

For all those who missed JBVE announcement on other blogs, here is the link:

I hear the speakers are great. ;-)

And I'm sorry to admit we found our first ugly bug in JBoss5. :-(

There is already an ongoing discussion on the forum

And yesterday I hacked this new impl of VFS cache

It's a combination of permanent entries (the main roots) + real cache for any other possible new roots.
I'm already running some simple long running tests on my home server to check how this new cache handles the issue,
but any real life/scenario feedback is more than welcome - simply post your results to some of the before mentioned existing forum posts.

The last year we have been working full time on JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio. One of the challenges we had were to add support for JBoss Seam in Eclipse. Similar to what the Seam team did for the underlying frameworks (JSF, EJB3, JPA, etc.) we had to do integrate/adjust for the various plugins that exists in the Eclipse family (WTP, JSF, Dali, etc.).

It had its challenges, e.g. WTP not really supporting JEE 5, Dali not liking multiple projects, WTP requiring multiple projects, Eclipse not really having a good way of handling nested projects and the lack of proper library dependency management built into Eclipse.

Fortunately it had its upsides too, e.g. Eclipse's Java 5 support is decent, WTP having a Server API that was usable (but though not perfect), XULRunner being there to realize the visual page editor etc.

I am sure others trying to implement Eclipse tooling support for their web or application framework will have bumped into similar good/bad things in Eclipse and would like to come and talk about it at the BOF at EclipseCon next week called Adding support for Web frameworks in Eclipse. I and Koen Aaers will be there trying to spark the discussion.

On the subject of EclipseCon I will also be doing two small talks:

How to extend JBoss Tools Visual Page Editor for custom tag libraries

JBoss Seam and Eclipse

...and a JBoss Gold sponsored talk:

Eclipse Plugins for Seam, JSF, JBoss AS and more

See you there!

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