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The pick of this newsletter is this article from Łukasz Frankowski about selecting just the superclasses using JPQL and Hibernate.

To develop Hibernate, most of the developers in our team use IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains, which, apart from being one of the best Java IDEs, it also provides very good support for JPA and Hibernate.

For our Spanish readers, Rodrigo Martins wrote an article about the best way to map a @OneToOne association with JPA and Hibernate.

Besides implementing the JPA specification, Hibernate comes with many additional features like the @JoinFormula annotation which allows you to map a @ManyToOne association based on the result of a certain native SQL query.

Or, you can map immutable entities, as described in this article on Baeldung.

On our blog, you can read more about the new JSR 352-compliant Hibernate Search Mass Indexer which is supported by Hibernate Search 5.9.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate Search 5.9.0-Beta1 has been released. If you want to give it a try, feedback is highly appreciated.

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