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If you’re using MySQL, then the GenerationType.AUTO identifier strategy is not the best option. Check out this article for more details and a very simple workaround.

Injecting a JPA/Hibernate Entity Managers wit CDI and Weld is extremely easy. Check out this article for more details.

Concurrency Control is a very difficult topic, and relational databases are no different. If you wonder how different database systems prevent Phantom reads or you are curious about how Two-phase Locking and MVCC work, you should definitely read this article.

Arno Huetter wrote a list of tips to improve application performance when you’re using JPA and Hibernate.

If you’re working on a database system which does not allow you to create temporary tables, then rest assured. Hibernate 5.2.8 adds support for non-temporary table bulk-id strategies.

If you want to separate the entity validation logic from the entity data structures, Hibernate Validator is a very attractive solution.

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