As you can see, the Hibernate websites ( and just got a facelift! We made them prettier than ever, but we also added more information and made sure that you will find what you want even more easily than before.

A new youth

The old website was starting to feel old, being based on Bootstrap 2 (2012). Guillaume made the jump to Semantic UI and used a more sober, to-the-point style, and there is no comparison!

The old style, taking a well-deserved retirement
The new style in all its glory

Release-centric content

But beauty is not everything, and we know some information was particularly hard to reach. In particular, it was quite difficult to know what exactly changed between two series (what will I get from upgrading from Hibernate Search 5.7 to 5.8?), and to know which series will match your integration constraints (what can I use if I’m stuck with Java 7?).

That’s why we changed the structure of a bit: each project now offers a central hub to every series, accessible from the "Releases > Overview" menu entry. There, you can see a list of every recent series, along with a summary of the main changes in that series, and you can check out the requirements of each series using the compatibility matrix.

The releases overview for Hibernate Search

Once you picked a version, you can get additional information through the dedicated page (see this one for Hibernate Search 5.8 for instance).

There you will find the usual: documentation, downloads, maven coordinates, migration guides, …​ but also a new section explaining all the major changes in the series. For most projects, this section is a bit empty for now, but we’ll fill it in as we release new versions, so this can only get better!

Feedback, issues, ideas?

We hope these changes will make your life easier, but if they don’t, or if you have more ideas, you can always get in touch through the following channels:

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