RichFaces 3.3.0 could be downloaded here

Documentation for the new release could be checked here

As usual you could check all the new components, features and examples here

This release introduced the next new components:

  • rich:editor

WYSIWYG editor that allows to input the formatted text.

  • a4j:queue

Global/default queues mechanisms is implemented. Separate component for queues definition is created.

Enhancements, Simplifications:

  1. ExtendedDataTable component was reviewed and improved according to the community feedback (was introduced in 3.2.2 in preview state).
  2. Menu Components are improved according to the requests from community. Menu Items now could be used as standalone components. E.g. direct children for the toolbar. issue
  3. Data Table improvement - onRowContextMenu event is introduced according to numerous community requests.
  4. Framework Queue script implementation was fully reviewed and improved additionally to a4j:queue component implementation.
  5. inputNumberSlider vertical layout contributed by the extendedDataTable authors (Many Thanks!)

Code Stability

  1. bug fixing
  2. keeping unit test coverage on a high level.
  3. auto tests (Server and Client). Selenium Test Suite.
  4. control of common quality metrics (PMD/Checkstyle).
14. Jan 2009, 22:04 CET | Link

Congratuliations. Its nice to see you take into account community wishes. Rich editor was one of most waited component, and its is good that you working on code stability, not only on new components. Quality is more important than quantity. I personally would like one more thing - better and better documentation with a lot of different examples from different contexts. Good luck, and keep up good work!

15. Jan 2009, 22:56 CET | Link

Great work; we're looking forwards to implementing rich:editor and some of the other features.

I noticed in JIRA that you all are working on something of a real world app; do you have a timeline for when that might be available?

Again, thanks for your hard work on this release.

15. Jan 2009, 23:35 CET | Link

It is not yet it the contract, but I thing real world app should be done in the scope of RichFaces 3.3.1. I.e. in the next major release.

27. Jan 2009, 03:16 CET | Link
Jason G.

I was interested in using the latest RichFaces release, are there instructions on how to swap it out in Seam?

Thanks in advance.