I'm proud to report that we released JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 (formerly known as Red Hat Developer Studio) earlier today.

The feature highlights of the Developer Studio are:

  • Out-of-the-box configuration of Eclipse Web Tools, JBoss EAP incl. Seam
  • JBoss Tools 2.0.GA included
  • Visual Page editor for rich editing of (X)HTML/JSP/JSF/Facelets pages
  • JSF support
  • First-class support for JBoss Seam 1.2 and 2.0
  • Hibernate 3 Support
  • JBoss AS server integration
  • Exploded deployment for fast turnaround times during development
  • Start/Stop/Run/Debug of JBoss AS 3.2 to 4.2
  • Project Archives
  • Easy and fast incremental packaging of your project layout and deployment (not bound to WTP nor JBoss)
  • JBPM support
  • Spring IDE included
  • TestNG plugin included
  • Available for Linux and Windows

...and more!

JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) is JBoss and Red Hat's Java developer offering where you for 99$ gets access to an easy-to-install Eclipse based IDE fully configured and ready to run with the bundled JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2.

The advantage is that you get access to the fully supported JBoss binaries and that you after the download get a no-fuzz installation and everything is ready to run out-of-the-box.

Furthermore you get entitlements to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and other Red Hat software. Please note that Developer Studio is cross-platform and is available for Windows and Linux today and we plan to have a Mac OS X available in the new year.

Read the details about the offering here.

p.s. I'll be back later this week with details about JBoss Tools 2 GA (currently under the mercy of the JavaPolis network gods :)

11. Dec 2007, 00:18 CET | Link

Is Linux x64 supported?

11. Dec 2007, 01:11 CET | Link
Kenneth Christensen

Looking forward to the Mac X OS version.

11. Dec 2007, 01:53 CET | Link

Where is the free edition?

11. Dec 2007, 03:08 CET | Link

What are differences between free and 99$ version?

11. Dec 2007, 06:46 CET | Link
Is Linux x64 supported?

There is currently no native Linux x64 build, but it runs fine on a 32-bit JVM on x64 bit linux (that is what I use). We will have a x64 build later on.

Where is the free edition?

There is no free edition, but there is the JBoss Tools which are the JBoss.rg developed plugins and I'll be back later this week with details about JBoss Tools 2 GA.

What are differences between free and 99$ version?

The free version does not provide:

  • An installer
  • Eclipse and Web Tools preconfigured
  • JBoss EAP preconfigured
  • JBoss AS and JBoss Seam preconfigured
  • 3rd party plugins bundled and configured
  • Access to RHEL and Red Hat Network
  • Access to the supported software

11. Dec 2007, 13:50 CET | Link

If all of that stuff is not-preconfigured in the free version, is the free version usable at all?

What features wont work out of the box because of the free version not being configured correctly?

(I appreciate you effort and the fact thatRed Hat wants to earn money with this hard work, but I am interested nevertheless.)

11. Dec 2007, 14:40 CET | Link
Kenneth Christensen

I want to evaluate JDS - where can I download e.g. a 30-day evaluation copy of JDS?

What about IntelliJ IDEA support? Convert Eclipse/JBoss Tools to IDEA plugins and sell it for $49 or $99.

11. Dec 2007, 15:34 CET | Link

Sakuraba - I don't know how to explain it otherwise than what I did above. There are no functional limitations in the open source version; its just a matter about what is prebundled and preconfigured which you can do yourself for free or get from JBDS which additionally provides you access to the software that JBoss/Red Hat supports commercially.

Kenneth - there is currently no 30-day evaluation. You can use JBoss Tools to get a good feel of the tooling part of Developer studio.

Converting JBoss Tools to IDEA plugins is not really on the agenda, but JBoss Tools are opensource so if someone wants to work on it feel free to open that discussion and contributions in the JBoss Tools forums.

09. Jan 2008, 08:24 CET | Link
Nikhil Chopra | nikhil4tp(AT)

Is the Mac OS X version released?

09. Jan 2008, 13:36 CET | Link

no, not yet.

10. Jan 2008, 06:05 CET | Link
Marc Alringer

When do you think the Mac OS X version will be ready? Is there a set of plug-ins I can use in the interim?

10. Jan 2008, 14:01 CET | Link

We are working on the installer, no ETA yet.

Use JBoss Tools plugins in the meantime.

10. Jan 2008, 20:31 CET | Link

I suspect many share my opinion that each and every comment posted to http: Bloggers JBossDeveloperStudio10Released does not need to be re-posted to PlanetEclipse. Please remove your feed and replace it with one that doesn't spam every time someone makes a comment.

12. Jan 2008, 15:17 CET | Link

Hi Alex,

yes - i'm sorry about the noise but I reported it to PlanetEclipse the second it occurred. It should be fixed now (e.g. your comment did not get out there ;)

13. Jan 2009, 08:03 CET | Link

Have been waiting on the Mac version. In some ways looks like it might be out and in others looks like we still have to wait. Want to get and setup the studio and do not mind the price but need it to run on my Macintosh. Thanks. Kim