Shortly after releasing ORM 4.3.2.Final and 4.2.9.Final a critical regression was found, caused by HHH-8961 and reverted/corrected by HHH-9010. Instead of creating service-pack builds, we decided to simply release the next versions.

What happened to 4.3.3? Technically and unfortunately, 4.3.2 == 4.3.3 in Nexus and Central (directly my fault -- long story).

TL;DR: Avoid 4.2.9.Final, 4.3.2.Final, and 4.3.3.Final. Instead, upgrade to 4.2.10.Final or 4.3.4.Final. Apologies for the confusion this has already caused!

JBoss Nexus:
Maven Central: (should update in a couple of days)
Downloads: 4.3.4.Final ZIP, 4.3.4.Final TGZ, 4.2.10.Final ZIP, 4.2.10.Final TGZ

02. Apr 2014, 08:41 CET | Link
Deepak Kumar

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