Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.Final and 4.1.11.Final were just released. The full changelogs can be viewed here: 4.2.0.Final and 4.1.11.Final

Note that this is the final release for 4.1.x. All development efforts and commits will now move to 4.2.x and 4.3.0 alpha.

As usual, thank you to the community for all the support and hard work!

JBoss Nexus:
Maven Central: (should update in a couple of days)
Downloads: 4.2.0.Final ZIP, 4.2.0.Final TGZ, 4.1.11.Final ZIP, 4.1.11.Final TGZ

19. Mar 2013, 16:36 CET | Link
Why are those news not published on
05. Dec 2013, 16:01 CET | Link

In fact they are Fred. Via RSS. First on the main main we feed in general news (tagged News), which releases are: I see this announcement there. Secondly, on the downloads page ( we also feed in release announcements specifically (tagged Core Release); again I see this announcement there.

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