When we released JBoss Developer Studio 2.1 we also announced its updatesite at which is for all customers to use. If you are a 2.1 user you have been able to use it to update to JBoss Developer Studio 2.1.1 which includes some minor bug fixes.

We also started an Early Access Program for existing customers of JBoss Developer Studio 3, and this is available from using the same credentials as customers use for the updatesite.

This Early Access Program gives customers the chance to try out selected milestone builds for the upcoming JBoss Developer Studio 3 and give feedback on the complete JBoss Developer Studio package and not just on the standalone plugins available through the JBoss Tools project.

At the time of writing the release available from the Early Access is JBoss Developer Studio 3 CR1 which is based on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo), most of the JBoss Tools 3.1.CR1 plugins and supported 3rd party plugins such as TestNG.

Have fun!

30. Jan 2010, 18:08 CET | Link

what's new for developer organizations ?

31. Jan 2010, 05:09 CET | Link

Hi Marky,

I assume you mean JBDS 3 ;)

You can see most of the news from JBoss Tools 3.1 news at excluding the jbpm4, Maven and BPEL integration which are not yet included in JBDS.



01. Feb 2010, 13:58 CET | Link
humberto franco | humbertofranco(AT)

Do you know when Seam 3 will be supported in JBDS or JBoss Tools?

01. Feb 2010, 15:02 CET | Link

Firstly Seam 3 needs to get some release out to know what we actually need to support ;)

If what you meant is when there will be CDI support, then download JBoss Tools nightly builds - here is initial CDI support being added.