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If you want to use Kotlin with Hibernate, then you should check out this article. On the same page, there’s also this GitHub repository that shows you how to use Kotlin, JPA, and Spring Boot.

CDC (Change Data Capture) is a very useful technique to push database changes as events to other systems. Debezium is an open-source project aiming to simplify this process, and, in this article, you will how to create DDD aggregates with Debezium and Kafka Streams.

When using PostgreSQL, it’s quite common to use a SERIAL column for Primary Keys. However, SERIAL column types have limitations when using JPA and Hibernate. For more details, check out this article.

There is a great variety of Java connection pool frameworks, so choosing one that fits your application requirements might not be a trivial task. This article shows a very detailed analysis of the most well-known connection pools, so choosing the right framework will be easier after you read it.

Apart from supporting the standard JPA annotation, Hibernate offers many other annotations that allow you to deal with various data access requirements. One such annotation, @Immutable lets you fetch entities in read-only mode by default. For more details, check out this article.

By default, Apache TomEE ships with OpenJPA. However, you can use any JPA provider you want, and this article shows how to set up TomEE to use Hibernate.

Sam Kruglov wrote a very interesting article about filtering RESTful JSON views with Spring and JPA.

If you are starting learning Java EE, this article is a very good introduction to Java Persistence API.

If you are using Criteria API and want to know how to order results, then check out this article.

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