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The Hibernate forum has gone through a massive transformation and is powered by Discourse now.

The old forum was locked for good, and you can only use it in read-only mode.

From now on, we are waiting for you on the new Discourse-based forum.


We are proud that Hibernate was picked as the Project of the Month by SourceForge.

Jörn Hameister wrote a very good article about doing Bulk and Batch Inserts using Spring Boot.

While on the topic, I also wrote an article about building Bulk Update and Delete statements dynamically using JPA 2.1 Criteria.

For our Portuguese readers, I found this article about why we need database transactions - Porque você precisa conhecer transações?.

If you haven’t heard of it, you should know that I’ve been started the hibernate-types open-source project so that you can map JSON, ARRAY, PostgreSQL Enum Types using Hibernate.

Lately, I’ve added support for VARCHAR-backed String[ arrays when using HSQLDB].

If you want to learn about the difference between Hibernate and EclipseLink, then check out this article.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate ORM has released two new versions:

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