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Brandur has written a very detailed explanation about the implementation of MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) in PostgreSQL. For a beginner’s overview of what MVCC is and how it works, check out this article as well.

Hibernate Envers is probably the easiest way to set up an audit log if you are already using JPA and Hibernate. Check out this article to see the best audit strategy to use when choosing Envers as your audit log implementation.

Running out of database sequence values is a very serious issue. This article explains how this had happened on a production system, and offers both a quick fix and a solution for this problem.

Not only that it provides a solid implementation of the JPA specification, but Hibernate can be used for all sorts of tasks like for getting access to the binding between JPA entities and the underlying DB objects (e.g. table, column). Check out this article for more details on this topic.

This article explains how to persist a List of String objects as an @ElementCollection. Although simple, @ElementCollection, like any unidirectional association, is not very efficient. A bidirectional @OneToMany association where the String element becomes part of the Child entity is a much more efficient alternative.

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