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Mapping JPA relationships is a trivial thing to do. However, not all associations are equal in terms of performance. Check out this series of articles about the best way to map the:

If you’re using TomEE 7, you can easily switch to using Hibernate ORM as the JPA provider. Check out this article which shows you how you can do that, and how you can also speed up application server startup time.

Docker is extremely useful for running database containers that you need when doing integration testing. Check out this article about running IBM DB2 Express-C as a Docker container, and how to set up a JDBC connection to DB2.

Although collections like List and Set are more common when using JPA and Hibernate, you can easily use Maps as explained in this article.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate ORM 5.1.6 has been released, as well as Hibernate Search 5.8.0 Beta 2.

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