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Don’t miss our Hibernate developer interviews with Marco Pivetta and Kevin Peters.

If you want to share your story about Hibernate, let us know, and we can share it with our huge community of passionate developers.


Javin Paul, a long-time Java blogger, gives a review of the two best Hibernate books for Java developers.

Thorben Janssen is now writing a Hibernate Tips book, and you can get a free copy if you want to review it.


Nowadays, many RDBMS support JSON column types and Hibernate makes it very easy to use JSON object as entity attributes as this article demonstrates it.

Encrypting and decrypting column values is easy-peasy when using Hibernate. Check out this article for a detailed tutorial on this topic.

Arnold Gálovics wrote a very good article how the LazyInitializationException works in Hibernate.

Craig Andrews is building a Hibernate SpringCache prototype which acts like a Hibernate second-level cache implementation on top of Spring Cache. The idea is very interesting, and we are looking for your feedback on this topic.

Our colleague, Chris Cranford have a talk about Hibernate Performance at DevNexus, and here are the slides.

If you’re using MySQL, then you should know that we refactored the MySQL Dialects so that it’s much easier for you to match a Hibernate Dialect with a given MySQL server version.

Concurrency Control is a very interesting topic, and if you every wondered how MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) works, then this article is going to unravel how INERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements work in MVCC-based database engines.

Thorben Janssen wrote two articles about Hibernate Search, one about custom Analyzers and another one about Facets.

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