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Sanne Grinovero and John Griffin have worked on the Getting Started with Hibernate Search RefCard on DZone. Check out the PDF version which is even more detailed than the web version.

If you want to customize the JOIN clause of an entity association, you can use the Hibernate @JoinFormula annotation, as explained in this article.

There are multiple ways to delete a JPA entity, as illustrated in this article on Baeldung.

Thorben Janssen wrote a Getting Started article for Hibernate Envers and another one about querying audit log entries.

Dimo Velev gives a very detailed explanation of why Class.forName can cause lock contention. The HHH-4959 was affecting both JPQL and Criteria API entity queries, and the fix will be available starting from Hibernate ORM 5.2.6.

If you want to use Hibernate ORM with SQL Server, then you should read this article. There are plenty of tips related to optimal data access patterns and indexing considerations.

Jakub Kubrynski explains why you should care about equals and hashCode, especially when dealing with JPA entities.

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