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Steven Feuerstein, a well-known Oracle PL/SQL author, wrote an article in which he’s Looking for stories about using Hibernate with Oracle Database. Hibernate ORM is very suitable for OLTP, especially for writing to the database. Check out the comment section for more details.

Since Hibernate 5.2, you can now configure the JDBC batch size on a per Session basic. Check out this article for more details about this new feature.

Thorben Janssen wrote an article about JPQL query capabilities and limitations.

If you want to use Java 1.8 Optional with JPA entities, check out this post for how you can do it without affecting other Java EE guarantees.

SitePoint has published a new article about Hibernate schema migrations with FlywayDB. Although Hibernate comes with a schema generation tool, for a production environment, an automatic schema management tool that uses database-specific scripts is a much better choice.

Time to upgrade


The latest version of our main development branch, with experimental Elasticsearch integration.


Essentially the same as 5.6.0.Beta3, but compatible with Hibernate ORM version 5.2.x.


A maintenance release of our stable branch.

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