Back from JUDCon China

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I’m just on my way back from JUDCon China in Beijing. I must say it was an interesting week. I mean what else can you say for a country when you don’t understand a word they are saying, or any written word for that matter. :-) But thankfully to our Chinese co-workers there was no problem for us to go around. The food and the view is spectacular - the new olympic stadium and aquatic center are just amazing.

The conference was well organised. It could probably have a bit more attendees, but it’s a start, right. I gave a talk about our current work on CapeDwarf. Was hoping to do a release just before, but the great firewall prevented me in that intention. So stay tuned these days. ;-) The second talk was about Weld-OSGi, the work done by our friends at SERLI. I borrowed Mat(t)hieu slides, as they are just perfect to show what the new stuff can do.

Last day we had some time to do some sightseeing - the Forbidden city and the Great wall. It was freezing cold to go around, but the view made it all worth. Waiting for Ray to post some photos. :-)

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