Visitors and CLASS Conference

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With plenty of work being done on CapeDwarf, I now finally found some time to blog about previous week’ visits and a cloud oriented conference.

If you follow Mark’ blog or tweets, you could catch that he spent a day here with us - Slovenia’s JBoss team - in a beautiful town of Bled. But he wasn’t the only Red Hat / JBoss visit we got, Tristan Tarrant, from Infinispan team, joined us as well.

The main reason for us being in Bled, apart from great view and food, was this year’s CLASS conference. Mark had a short keynote about Red Hat’ vision wrt middleware and cloud, Tristan shared his view on how Infinispan data grid fits into the cloud, and I presented our latest work on CapeDwarf.

CapeDwarf has grown a lot since I last gave a presentation on it. Lately we specially focused a lot on testing, with plenty of interesting ideas and approaches on how to squeeze the maximum out of existing tests and examples. Which is what the presentation was mostly about.

But more about this in my next blog posts, stay tuned! ;-)

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