Maven vs Gradle @ Jfokus 2012

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After gradually collecting more and more experience with Gradle via the Hibernate Core build, I decided prepare a final showdown. As a reminder, Hibernate ORM switched as of version 4 from Maven to Gradle for a variety of reasons. Taking these reasons on board, I tried to compare Maven vs Gradle incorporating some of the lessons learned. I presented the results at Jfokus 2012. If you are interested here are the slides[1].

Bottom line, if you are already using maven and have no issues or if you are building simple artifacts stick to Maven. If you have problems with things like:

  • Scripting
  • Rector builds
  • Assembly creation (release bundle creation)
  • (Javadocs) Aggregation
  • Grouping of dependencies

you might want to consider Gradle.



  1. maven-vs-gradle.pdf

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