Plans for Weld 1.1

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We've been starting to think about what we want to include in Weld 1.1. Of course, you can expect the usual bug fixes, as well as a few new features -- I'll outline those for you here.

Container integration improvements

A number of refinements are planned to the existing requirements -- the biggest change will be exposing our reflection abstraction API to the container. The Weld Reflection API extends the Annotated interface hierarchy from the CDI SPI, adding in additional methods to support discovery of meta-annotated classes, methods, fields, constructors and parameters, as well as some methods to complete the reflection API. You can find the API in SVN (you can glean the intention from the API, but be aware we do intend to clean it up before exposing it to the world!).

This will allow the container to replace our built in implementation (based on JDK Reflection) allowing extensive optimisations. For example, the container must scan classes for annotations for multiple components (such as JPA, EJB 3, JAX-RS, CDI, JSF, Servlet 3) - each implementation performing its own scan is clearly both a waste of time and memory (if the implementation caches this information). Further, a container might choose to use Javassist rather than JDK Reflection to provide faster scanning.


A CDI maintenance release is planned, and if finalised in time, we plan to include this update in Weld 1.1.

You can expect this release around September. If the CDI MR is not final, we will provide the latest revision of the changes in our non-portable API, allowing you to experiment with them in advance!

Anything else you think should be included? If so, get in touch!

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