The timeline for Seam 3

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At the last Seam meeting we ran over the the time line for Seam 3.0 release. We are aiming to have development finished by mid June, spend a month polishing up the documentation and examples, and have a release candidate ready for you to try out in mid July.

Seam 3.0 will contain:

and, if available in time:

Looking ahead, we're aiming to release Seam 3.1 around Christmas, which will likely add support for:

Some of these modules have releases already (and you can expect to see more very soon), and we'll continue in this vein - so you may well find that there is some support before the Seam release is complete!

We'd also like to hear what you think - do you think we should delay the 3.0 release to get more in? What would you include in the 3.0 release if you had the choice?

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