It's not about dependency injection

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I'm trying really hard to emphasize to the community that CDI and Weld are not just a dependency injection solution. We did not come at this from the point of view of trying to solve dependency injection, or of trying to build a better Spring.

What I was really thinking about when I started working on Seam was state management in event driven architectures. How can you ensure that an event is processed with the correct set of state for the context(s) it carries with it? I wanted to get away from the awful front controller pattern, where some big stupid stateless method is responsible for coordinating everything involved in processing the event, from state retrieval and storage, to service location, to orchestration.

There were a couple of frameworks which were ahead of their time in this respect. The one that got me started was XWork, a dependency injection solution that was part of earlier versions of WebWork. That's why I was kind of excited when I saw the same ideas in JSF (setting aside many other problems with JSF 1.0).

It's also why I pushed back so hard when some people questioned the existence of the event notification facility in CDI. Though it appeared to some folks to be a kind of cute feature stuck on the side of a dependency injection container, that's not what it was to me at all. Indeed, the idea of event processing was right at the core of what we were trying to achieve in JSR-299.

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