Balsamiq - UI Mockups done right!

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Have you ever had an idea on how some web or desktop UI should look and needed to tell someone about ? Your text explanations would be misunderstood or you were just too lazy to even write it down or use any of the many useless expensive tool to make it ?

I've been in that situation many times lately while working on JBoss Tools and Developer Studio, but ever since I bumped into Balsamiq Mockups I'm (almost) enjoying doing mockups of UI features which I hated doing before.

It already helped me more than once in making discussions that normally takes very long to be much more focused on the problem at hand.

Thus instead of me trying to explain how it works go see the screencast here and see it for your self.


I do not have any associations with Balsamiq, I just find their product to be really good and solving a problem I know alot of others have and wanted to share that.

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