Seam 1.2.1 with incremental hot deployment

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Norman released 1.2.1 yesterday. Have you ever wished you could have the same edit/test cycle in Java that people in the PHP, Ruby or Grails communities take for granted? I mean, the ability to edit a Java class or XHTML page in your editor, and then see the result immediately, just by clicking refresh in your browser? Well, now you can. The easiest way to try out this new feature is to create a WAR project using seam-gen, and start coding - it's wicked fun.

Of course, there are some limitations to this feature: at this time, only Seam JavaBean components are supported - it doesn't work for entities, and it doesn't (yet) work for EJB3 components. We do plan to support this feature for EJB3 components, but it looks like we won't have time to work on that until after JavaOne.

Also new in this release is integration of RichFaces into the UI created by seam-gen, enhancements to <s:decorate/> and support for conversation propagation via a business key (ie. instead of seeing conversationId=3 in your URL, you would see orderId=45656). As usual, there are many bugfixes and documentation improvements.

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