Seam 1.2 GA is out

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Seam 1.2 introduces many improvements including out of the box integration with the Spring Framework, EL support in HQL/EJB-QL, entity level security, SSL redirection, simplified configuration, improvements to orchestation via pages.xml and many enhancements to seam-gen, including support for composite keys and circular associations and integration of Ajax4JSF.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, and especially to Michael Youngstrom who contributed the Spring integration module documented here:

Spring beans may now be injected into Seam components and Seam components into Spring beans. Or, existing Spring beans may be turned into a Seam component with just a single line of Spring XML. Seam's powerful contexts may be used as Spring custom scopes. Finally, Seam's sophisticated persistence context management may be used by Spring beans.

Go get it here:

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