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I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat.

Hibernate Team member.

At Red Hat, my focus is to develop and maintain both Hibernate ORM and Envers community projects.

I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat.

I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat, primarily working on Hibernate OGM, Hibernate Validator and Hibernate Search.

Member of the Hibernate team.

Founder of Hibernate Search, Hibernate OGM, Hibernate Validator, Les Cast Codeurs, JBoss Asylum. Lead the JPA implementation of Hibernate ORM.

Data platform architect for the JBoss portfolio at Red Hat. Particularly involved in the Hibernate portfolio as well as Infinispan.

Spec lead of Bean Validation and JPA expert group member.

I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat, primarily working on Hibernate OGM, Hibernate Validator and Hibernate Search.

I am a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat, primarily working on Hibernate OGM, Hibernate Validator and Hibernate Search.

I am member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat, primarily working on Hibernate OGM, Hibernate Validator and Hibernate Search. I'm also serving in the JSR 349 expert group (Bean Validation).

In my spare time I lead the MapStruct project, a code generator for bean to bean mappings.

I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat.

I'm a member of the Hibernate Team at Red Hat.

Ray is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform and a Java Champion. Find Ray on Twitter @saturnism.

Sanne is the technical lead of the Hibernate team at Red Hat, where he is an Architect in the engineering department. He works across all Hibernate projects and Quarkus, helping define team priorities; works on performance and benchmarks, tries to mediate the needs of the OSS community and the business requirements which fund the project, while balancing innovation with the requirements of established users. He also likes to contribute to many other OSS projects, such as Infinispan, Wildfly, Lucene, Elasticsearch, GraalVM and OpenJDK - and many others, depending on the needs of our community and our projects. He lived in Holland, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Portugal; currently resides in the UK; loves OSS and socializing with other developers to improve all and any OSS project.

Core developer on the WildFly team. Spent a number of years building various enterprise development software, from database server to developer tools (such as PowerBuilder, Java/c based application servers). Contributing to JBoss projects { Application Server, Clustering, JGroups, JBoss Cache/Infinispan, Hibernate }

Member of the Vert.x and Quarkus teams.

From deep into the Nice mountains, Stéphane works for Red Hat on the Vert.x and Quarkus project.

Passionate hacker in Java, C, Perl or Scheme. A web standards and database enthusiast, he implemented among other things a WYSIWYG XML editor, a multi-threading library in C, a mobile-agent language in Scheme (compiler and virtual machines), and some Web 2.0 RESTful services and rich web interfaces with JavaScript and HTML 5.

Eager to share, he is a frequent speaker at various conferences such as the Scheme Workshop, Nice University, Devoxx, JavaOne, JavaZone, JAX, many Java User Groups as well as the Riviera Java User Group he co-leads. A long-time open-source user and advocate, he worked on Ceylon, RESTEasy, Redpipe, Reactive Contexts, jax-doclets, stamps.js and various Play! Framework modules. He is also co-creator of the Riviera DEV conference.

He now works full time on various Vert.x and Quarkus projects for Red Hat.

Member of the Hibernate team.

Hibernate Developer Advocate. Author of High-Performance Java Persistence.

Former lead developer of Hibernate Search, and one of the main contributors to the Hibernate extensions (ORM, Search, Validator) of Quarkus, the cloud-native Java stack.

I'm a software developer at SAP working on the SAP HANA database.

I'm a Google Summer of Code 2016 participant of the Hibernate Team, working on Hibernate Search. My principal interests are data collection, persistence and web development.

Retired bloggers

Member of the Hibernate team and project lead of Hibernate Validator as well as Bean Validation expert group member. Jack of all trades, interested in everything Java and beyond.

Max Rydahl Andersen is the tooling architect at JBoss by Red Hat.

Day-to-day he leads the development behind JBoss Tools and JBoss Developer Studio.

In the early days he worked on Hibernate Core even before it became part of JBoss, and over time he have been involved in alot of projects at JBoss, mainly focused on the tooling/developer aspects.

He gets to touch upon almost every technology inside JBoss as they need tooling. It's given him a unique viewpoint of being an actual user of the technology - feeling both the pains and joys of a user.

Max have been involved in Ceylon from the early days and tried to keep up with the evolving specifications. Gives feedback and provide input in directions of the tooling and as such is now trying to make Ceylon available from Eclipse.

Aleš Justin was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and graduated with a degree in mathematics from the University of Ljubljana. He fell in love with Java long ago and has spent most of his time developing information systems, ranging from customer service to energy management. He joined JBoss in 2006 to work full time on the Microcontainer project. He currently leads CapeDwarf project, while still contributing to ApplicationServer, Weld, Ceylon and many other JBoss projects.

Aslak Knutsen is currently a Senior Software Engineer for the JBoss Seam team at Red Hat, Inc. where he is the project lead for Arquillian and works on projects such as ShrinkWrap, Weld and Seam 3. Previously, Aslak was a Senior Consultant at Conduct AS (working with JBoss related technologies) and Senior Developer at EDB ASA (working with electronic billing/banking systems).

Dan Allen is the author of Seam in Action, the comprehensive guide to the Seam framework. After completing his book, Dan now works at JBoss by Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer to work full-time on on Seam, Weld, and Arquillian. Dan is a passionate open source advocate who enjoys speaking about, hacking on, and discussing Java EE frameworks and technologies.

Born in Malmö Sweden, but moved to Gothenburg in 2000 to study at Chalmers University of Technology. Graduated 2006 with a M.Sc. in Computer Science. I am currently involved in the Seam project.

I am the lead of several close-to-the metal projects at JBoss, including JBoss Marshalling, JBoss Modules, the JBoss Modular Service Container, and others. I also work on the JBoss Application Server project as a senior engineer, as well as contributing to JBoss Remoting.

Dmitry was born in Kaluga, Russia and graduated with a diploma in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He became interested in Java since the first university years of the university. Worked for several companies in Moscow, developing CRM systems for a large telecommunication company and creating Hadoop-based ETL processes for an international bank. In 2015 he participated in the GSOC program and became a fan of open source, contributing to Hibernate Search, JBoss Tools and Eclipse JSDT. Now he is working for Red Hat on JBoss Tools plugins for Openshift and Hibernate.

Gavin King is a Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat. He's the creator of Hibernate, a popular persistence solution for Java and of the Ceylon programming language. He contributed to the Java Community Process as JBoss and then Red Hat representative for the EJB and JPA specifications and as spec lead and author of the CDI specification. He's currently a major contributor to the design of Jakarta Data and Jakarta Persistence. He lives in Barcelona with his wife and three daughters. His active interests include theoretical physics and quantum technologies.

Founder of Ehcache

Ilya Shaikovsky is the Exadel products engineer working on the RichFaces project since Exadel began Ajax4jsf. He’s responsible for requirements gathering, specification development, JSF related products analysis and supporting RichFaces and JSF related technologies and products for business applications. Prior to this he worked on the Exadel Studio Pro product which better known as JBoss Tools now. Co-author of the second edition of "Practical RichFaces" book with Max Katz. Reviewer of the "Practical RichFaces" book by Max Katz. Co-author of DZone "Jboss RichFaces 3" refcard. Co-author of DZone "Jboss RichFaces 4" refcard. Projects: RichFaces

I am currently the lead of the JBoss Application Server project. I am also a member of the JCP, and represent Red Hat on the future Java EE6 specification. During my tenure at JBoss, I have worked in many areas including the application server, clustering, web services, AOP, and security. My interests include concurrency, distributed computing, hardware and programming language design.

Jason Porter has been involved in software development since the mid 90's. He has worked in e-Government (since before the term was coined), financial, and consumer markets. He has contributed to many open source projects including flyspray (a bug tracking system in PHP), Seam, Weld, and Gradle. His software interests include Java EE, Ruby, and Groovy. He is the father of two daughters and two sons and enjoys spending time with his family. He lives in the Salt Lake valley in Utah.

I'm a JBoss core developer at Red Hat, and the AeroGear project lead. I previously lead the RichFaces project, and have been involved in many other open source projects such as Seam, and JBoss AS. I'm passionate about promoting open source, community, and standards. I server as a W3C representative for Red Hat, and have been part of multiple Java Community Process (JCP) specifications, currently on the JSON API expert group. I have been architecting and developing enterprise applications and projects for over fourteen years, specializing in mobile device integration, web tier frameworks, UI design, and integration.

Jesper Pedersen leads the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) project within JBoss, a division of Red Hat. He also leads the projects JBoss Tattletale which focus on software quality, Papaki - an annotation scanner and JBoss Profiler 2 - an open source profiler suite.

Hi, my name is John and I'm using Seam in the real world. I'm hoping to use this blog to further what I do on and provide hints and tips for Seam useage.

I work on the Weld project as a Software Engineer. In addition, I am leading the Seam REST module. Previously I worked in the QE part of the Seam team.

Leading the JBoss/Spring integration effort and Project Snowdrop. Committer to WELD, the RI for JSR-299.

I joined JBoss in February '12. I'm currently working on two projects: CapeDwarf (JBoss' open-source implementation of the Google AppEngine API) and Weld (the reference implementation of CDI); occasionally I also contribute to Infinispan. I actually took my first programming steps when I was 6 years old and have been a nerd ever since :). For the last 12+ years, I've mostly been programming in Java.

Moved to Turku in -95 to study Computer Science at the Åbo Akademi University and might someday even graduate. Perhaps. I'm currently involved with Seam/Weld, time permitting. and I also use Seam for projects at work in Affecto Finland.

I am leading the CDI 1.1 specification, and work on JBoss Developer Framework, a set of tutorials and examples for all JBoss users. Previously, I've worked on Infinispan and I led the Seam and Weld projects, and am a founder of the Arquillian project. I've worked on a number of specifications including JSF 2.0, AtInject and Java EE 7. I am a regular speaker at JUGs and conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx, JAX, JavaBlend, JSFDays, JBoss World, Red Hat Developer Day and JUDCon. I am currently employed by Red Hat Inc. working on JBoss open source projects. Before working for Red Hat, I used and contributed to Seam whilst working at a UK based staffing agency as IT Development Manager.

I was born in Nis, Serbia and lived in Berlin, Germany for seven years before moving to Atlanta, GA where I received my M.SC. in Computer Science from Georgia State university in 2005. Currently employed by Red Hat as Engineer on the Drools team.

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