Today, we published a new maintenance release of Hibernate ORM 6.2: 6.2.1.Final.

What’s new

This release includes several bug fixes and small performance improvements.


Sub-queries using aliases and left joins

We have improved the resolution of tables in sub-queries, especially in cases where the same alias was also used in the parent query. This change also fixed a bug that caused left-joins in sub-queries to be wrongly translated (see HHH-16414).


We have fixed a few issues related to batching:

  • a parameter binding error was thrown when using DynamicUpdate or DynamicInserts with batching enabled (see HHH-16352).

  • an OptimisticLockException was thrown when an entity having a Version attribute and a dirty collection was updated with statement batching enabled (see HHH-15778).

You can expect more improvements related to batching in the following Hibernate releases.

Bytecode enhancement and dirty checking

We have fixed a bug causing generic associations to be ignored when dirty checking and bytecode enhancement were enabled (see HHH-16459).

Composite primary key querying

We have fixed a bug causing part of a composite @IdClass primary key not to be returned when querying (see HHH-16387).

Internal nullness marking and checking

We started the internal process of reviewing the code base and adding nullness annotations which will be automatically verified thanks to the Checker Framework (see HHH-16389).

You can find the full list of changes in this version here.


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