Hibernate ORM 5.6.13.Final is available now, including some important bugfixes and a very exciting performance improvement.

Bugfix: HHH-15634 Lazy basic property does not get updated on change

An important issue was identified: when enabling bytecode enhancement and applying this to lazy loaded properties, the Hibernate ORM engine would fail to recognize dirtyness properly.

We would recommend everyone who is using bytecode enhancement to update to prevent failing to write the correct state back to the database.

Bugfix: HHH-15554 Merge of an Entity with an immutable composite user type throws Exception

Far less critical as anyone affected would have seen an exception, still this was annoying and several users reporting it.

A regression was introduced in 5.6.11.Final that was causing exceptions on attempting a merge on entities having immutable composite user types; this has now been fixed.

Bugfix: HHH-15561 Function "IDENTITY" not found when inserting audited revision using Hibernate Envers

This was essentially an compatibility problem between Hibernate Envers and the latest H2 database versions, now resolved.

Performance: secondary_super_cache scalability problem mitigations

Similarly to what we did for Hibernate ORM 6.1.5.Final, you might find this version to perform significantly better - especially when run on servers with many CPUs.

This version includes some mitigations for JDK-8180450, as we realized the problem is causing much more severe performance penalties than previously thought.

For more details please refer to the previous release blog, the JDK issue tracker and the Quarkus Insights episode, in which we discuss this extensively.

Let me clarify once again that we only applied a partial mitigation; the code still exhibits some cases that we could improve further, however we’re unlikely to solve them all in Hibernate ORM v5 as our focus is now the main branch (versions 6 and beyond); we encourage everyone to upgrade to Hibernate ORM 6 as soon as possible, not least to keep getting free new performance patches like this one.

That said, our work greatly relies on your feedback; these performance fixes have shown exciting high potential on our reference benchmarks, including not least on SpecJ Enterprise, but we’d love to hear about impact on your real world applications as well.

Special thanks to Francesco Nigro, a colleague from the Red Hat Middleware Performance team, and the whole team in fact as they regularly support us in such difficult diagnostics and develop amazing tooling.

Some more polishing

Dependency upgrades

We also upgraded ByteBuddy to version 1.12.18, and Byteman to version 4.0.20; besides bringing best of breed to our users, this also allows us to keep testing on all latested JDK previews.

Feedback, issues, ideas?

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