Today, we published a new maintenance release of Hibernate ORM 5.6: 5.6.12.Final.

What’s new

This release introduces a few bug fixes and a new feature.

New Feature

A new method getReference(T) has been added to org.hibernate.Session that receives a detached instance and returns a reference to the persistent instance with the same identity as the given detached instance (see HHH-15508).


Second Level Cache and One-To-One associations

We have reverted HHH-14216 that was causing HHH-15045 and HHH-15235.

We will work on a better solution for caching entries for one-to-one associations (see HHH-15540)

Envers Collections

Thanks to Fabricio Gregorio for fixing Hibernate.isInitialized() for Envers collection classes (see HHH-15522)

NaturalId and Many-To-One

Loading by its natural identifier an entity having a Many-To-One association annotated with @NaturalId is now generating a correct SQL query (see HHH-14943)

You can find the full list of changes in this version here.


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