Hibernate Search is a library that integrates Hibernate ORM with Apache Lucene or Elasticsearch by automatically indexing entities, enabling advanced search functionality: full-text, geospatial, aggregations and more. For more information, see Hibernate Search on hibernate.org.

We just published a maintenance release for Hibernate Search: 6.1.6.Final.

This release mainly upgrades to Hibernate ORM 5.6.10.Final, upgrades to Hibernate ORM 6.0.2.Final and compatibility with Hibernate ORM 6.1.2.Final for -orm6 artifacts, upgrades to the latest version of Jakarta dependencies for -orm6/-jakarta artifacts, adds compatibility with CockroachDB, and fixes several bugs.


Thanks to Ivan Kotev, fraf, herzhang and Marko Bekhta for their help reporting and in some cases fixing bugs!

What’s new

  • HSEARCH-4628: Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.6.10.Final

  • HSEARCH-4596: Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 6.0.2.Final for *-orm6 artifacts

  • HSEARCH-4635: *-orm6 artifacts are now compatible with Hibernate ORM 6.1.2.Final

  • HSEARCH-4608: Upgrade to the latest version of Jakarta dependencies in -orm6/-jakarta artifacts

  • HSEARCH-4611: Some exceptions and log messages involving multivalued elements will now be clearer and better formatted.

  • HSEARCH-4644: From now on, Hibernate Search will be tested regularly against CockroachDB.

  • HSEARCH-4634, HSEARCH-4647: Hibernate Search’s outbox-polling coordination strategy now works correctly with CockroachDB.

  • HSEARCH-4565: Hibernate Search will now detect "buried" cycles for @IndexingDependency(derivedFrom = …​) instead of leading to a StackOverflowError.

  • HSEARCH-4580: "_routing" in custom Elasticsearch schema will no longer lead to "JsonIOException: JSON document was not fully consumed."

  • HSEARCH-4584: Projecting and sorting on the same nested field with the Lucene Backend will no longer fail.

  • HSEARCH-4654: Hibernate Search will no longer deadlock when experiencing a large number of concurrent failures during startup or schema validation.

  • HSEARCH-4604: AWS request signing now takes into account the configured port of the Elasticsearch host.

  • HSEARCH-4652: Schema validation with the Elasticsearch backend will no longer fail when setting searchAnalyzer to the same value as analyzer on a full-text field.

For a full list of changes since the previous release, see the release notes.

How to get this release

All details are available and up to date on the dedicated page on hibernate.org.

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