Hibernate 6.1 Final

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Hibernate ORM 6.1 was released last week with a few new features[1] and bugfixes. The new features include:

  1. HHH-3356 - Long requested support for subqueries (including lateral subqueries) in the from-clause of HQL and Criteria queries[2].

  2. HHH-10999 - Basic arrays and collections may now be mapped to database ARRAY types if possible, or alternatively JSON/XML types.

  3. HHH-15251 (INCUBATING) - Domain model mapping XSD combining features of orm.xml and hbm.xml

  4. HHH-15276 - Introduction of @ConverterRegistration annotation

For additional details, see:

To get in touch, use the usual channels as discussed on the website.

1. Minor feature releases are backwards compatible per the guidelines defined at https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-orm/wiki/Huge-Project,-Small-Team
2. Christian Beikov will be publishing an article soon digging in to this topic in more depth

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