Over the weekend we released both Hibernate ORM 5.6.9.Final and Hibernate Reactive 1.1.5.Final.

Hibernate ORM 5.6.9.Final

Version 5.6.9 is a regular maintenance release of our 5.6 branch; as usual it includes conservative patches and focuses on important bugfixes: if you’re a user of Hibernate ORM 5.x we recommend you upgrade.

Hibernate Reactive 1.1.5.Final

Hibernate Reactive 1.1.5.Final includes a critical bugfix making it more reliable for people using the API based on Stage.SessionFactory and related Stage.Session. (If you were using the Mutiny based API you were not affected by this problem).

If you ever noticed an error mentioning "No Vert.x context active", which would happen only occasionally, then you should upgrade; in practice while operations need to be executed on the vert.x thread, it was possible with particular timings of the machine for some operations to be scheduled on the wrong thread.

Unfortunately this could happen in ways that are fairly unpredictable and hard to reproduce, making me classify it as critical.

Many thanks to Vladislav Kisel for having identified the problem and helping to reproduce it!

Among other minor fixes, this version also upgrades to Vert.x 4.2.7 an Hibernate ORM 5.6.9.Final.

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