This week we released both Hibernate ORM version 5.6.6.Final and 5.6.7.Final.

5.6.6.Final changelog

Version 5.6.6 is a regular maintenance release of our 5.6 branch: the latest stable branch.


Shortly after releasing 5.6.6 we realised it was emitting confusing deprecation warnings, so we decided to fix those right away and publish 5.6.7 immediately after.

This implies you can ignore version 5.6.6.Final and focus on 5.6.7.Final, but to get an overview of all interesting bugfixes we suggest to refer to the 5.6.6.Final changelog linked above.

For completeness: the short changelog for 5.6.7.Final.

Sourceforge: phasing out?

Normally each Hibernate ORM release is uploaded to both Maven central repositories and to Sourceforge.

Uploading tarballs and zip files to Sourceforge has been a very old tradition, but we suspect nowadays most of you will get it exclusively from Maven repositories.

During these two releases the upload to Sourceforge failed as Sourceforge had some services issues; we didn’t consider this important enough to warrant postponing our releases; we also don’t think these missing represent an important enough issue to try uploading them there later.

In fact we’re considering stopping uploads to Sourceforge altogether, so consider this a test; if you have strong needs to download our releases from Sourceforge rather than a Maven repository we would like to hear from you.

Getting 5.6.7.Final

All details are available and up to date on the dedicated page on

Feedback, issues, ideas?

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