The second candidate release for Hibernate ORM 6.0 has been released.

We fully expect this to be the last release candidate and currently plan on having the 6.0 final release within the next 2-4 weeks.

This release was held up a bit working on passing the Jakarta Persistence TCK. Mainly we had to wait for our challenges and proposed challenges to be discussed and accepted. This release fully passes the 3.1 TCK! Hopefully we will soon pass the 3.0 TCK as well, but we are still waiting on resolution of some challenges there.

Much of the work in this release focused on the TCK. A few other items of note…​

  • Artifacts published to Maven Central are now signed. See HHH-14604.

  • Fix some timing issues with CDI integration. See HHH-15068 and HHH-15084.

  • Corrected and improved the behavior of @NotFound mappings. See HHH-15099 and HHH-15106.

Also check out the release page.

To get in touch, use the usual channels as discussed on

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