The second Beta of Hibernate ORM 6.0 has just been released.

Quite a lot has gone into this release, but at a high level -

Java 11

Java 11 is now the minimum Java runtime version.

Custom composite types

Preliminary work has been done in terms of supporting custom composite types (what used to be called CompositeUserType). In this first iteration we have introduced org.hibernate.metamodel.EmbeddableInstantiator to allow integrating a custom strategy for how composite (embeddable) types are instantiated.

Even better, EmbeddableInstantiator adds the ability to perform constructor injection!

See the new documentation section in the User Guide covering providing a custom instantiator.

We opted for starting with instantiation as we believe it covers a majority of custom composite type use cases. In the next release or 2 we will be adding even more ways to integrate handling for other aspects of mapping a composite type.

Work on non-core modules

A lot of work has been put into the hibernate-envers, hibernate-jcache and hibernate-spatial modules. A lot of thanks to Karel Maesen, Chris Cranford and Chris Dennis for this work.

Status toward Final

At this point, we have roughly 10,200 of the hibernate-core tests running successfully with just a few remaining failures to address - approximately 100. That’s a good indication that 6.0 is getting feature complete.

We recently started testing against the persistence portions of the Jakarta EE TCK. It is hard to get a good handle on exactly where we are with that testing. The tests take a few hours to run, so turn around time is slow. We will do more work there in the coming weeks and have a better idea at that time. Considering most of the hibernate-core testsuite is up and passing again, I do not foresee big problems there.

We’ve also been working with Hibernate Search to get a version that works with ORM 6.0. This work has helped shake a few issues loose over the past few weeks. A lot of thanks to Yoann Rodiere and Fabio Massimo Ercoli for this.

And lastly, we have been working with the WildFly team to ensure that ORM 6.0 will work in upcoming Jakarta EE versions of WildFly. Thanks to Scott Marlow for his help with that effort.

Additional details

A lot of other work has gone into this release. Far too much to list everything.

Also check out the release page.

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