We are excited to announce the release of 6.0 Alpha3.

The main design goal for 6.0 is to improve even more Hibernate’s through-put performance. High-load performance testing showed that Hibernate’s approach of reading values from ResultSet by name to be its most limiting factor in scaling through-put. At its most basic, 6.0 is all about changing from its old strategy of read-by-name to read-by-position. But that simple goal has a lot of ramifications.

We have come really far, but still it is an Alpha, so there is still plenty more to do.

Type system

Alpha3 took a major detour to address some type system changes to help support use-cases for integrations - namely Quarkus. Specifically, Quarkus wanted the ability to perform the first phase of translation of HQL queries converting it into a semantic query AST (Semantic Query Model - SQM) without a SessionFactory available.

To achieve this, the SQM tree is based on Hibernate’s extension of the JPA domain metamodel (javax.persistence.metamodel.EntityType, etc) which is far easier to build then Hibernate’s complete runtime "mapping model".

We also introduced a new container for the JPA metamodel objects : org.hibernate.metamodel.model.domain.JpaMetamodel

This had a lot of very beneficial outcomes which will be discussed over the next few sections.


First, this SQM is not only the outcome of translating an HQL/JPQL query - it is also now the Hibernate implementation of the JPA Criteria tree. This is beneficial because previously Hibernate would perform a (very "hacky") conversion from Criteria into HQL and from HQL into its legacy HQL translation tree.

This SQM-as-Criteria means that the Criteria tree is ready to translated directly into SQL AST yeilding far better performance for Criteria query execution.

Lessen dependence on SessionFactory

As mentioned, one of the main changes in Alpha3 was to remove the need for having a SessionFactory to perform HQL translation. That was extended to many contracts as well that did not need the SessionFactory per-se. This allows easier re-use of those components by integrations.

This will be an on-going effort during the remaining 6.0 Alpha cycle. So far QueryEngine has been adjusted. Still a few others planned.

Support for UPDATE/DELETE HQL/Criteria queries

Support for these mutation queries using SQM → SQL AST is done, including the multi-table entitiy variations

More information

Also check out the release page.

To get in touch, use the usual channels as discussed on https://hibernate.org/community/

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