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For our Korean readers, this article shows how you can speed up transaction response time by setting the hibernate.connection.provider_disables_autocommit property when the underlying connection pool already disabled the auto-commit mode at the JDBC Connection level. For more details about the hibernate.connection.provider_disables_autocommit Hibernate property, check out this article as well.

For our Russian readers, this article explains how to write database integration tests when using Hibernate and Spring Boot.

PostgreSQL offers a great variety of database column types like inet, hstore or array types. While the Hibernate ORM framework does not support them by default, you can either write a custom Hibernate Type for all the non-standard column types or use an open-source framework that already offers support for the types you are interested in.

For instance, if you’re using PostgreSQL, the following two articles show you how to:

If you plan on using Spring Boot with Hibernate, this article shows you how to get started and set up the project in very simple steps.

When using JPA and Hibernate, you have the pay attention to the amount of data you are fetching when executing a given business use case. This article explains how you can avoid N+1 query issues when using JPQL, Criteria API or direct entity fetching.

Time to upgrade

The Hibernate Validator 6.0.14 version was released with a fix for the HV-1684 critical issue. If you’re using the 6.x branch, you should definitely upgrade to this version.

The Hibernate Search 5.11.0 version was released with support for JDK 11 and Wildfly 14.

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