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The Voxxed Days Cluj 2018 Hibernate Performance Tips has been uploaded. If you need to tune your data access layer, you should definitely watch this presentation.


If you’re using Spring Data JPA, this article on Ippon tech blog shows you how to boost the performance of your data access layer.

Hibernate is a very customizable framework, and its event/listener mechanism makes it possible for Envers to integrate with the Hibernate ORM core. This article explains how the Hibernate ORM /listener mechanism works, and how you can use it to replicate changes from one database table to a follower table.

When working with hierarchical data structures, it’s very convenient to use recursive SQL CTE (Common Table Expressions) queries. This article explains that relying on JPQL alone is not very efficient when working with hierarchical data, and that you should use SQL-specific tree processing queries, like the CONNECT BY Oracle clause.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to speeding up data writing operations when working with JPA and Hibernate.

Eugen Paraschiv published three articles about JPA and Hibernate on his site:

When using JPA and Hibernate, the entity attributes can be accessed either via their associated fields or Java Bean properties. For more details about access strategies, check out this article.

Time to upgrade

The Hibernate ORM 5.4.0 version was released with support for Java 11. If you are planning on using the latest version of Java, then you should definitely upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.4.

The Hibernate OGM 5.4.1 version was released with support for Wildfly 14.

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