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Merging entities is fairly easy since you can use the merge provided by the EntityManager or the Hibernate Session. However, merging collections requires more consideration, as explained by this article.

If you are using Kotlin and want to use JPA and Hibernate for you data access layer, this article explains how to implement the equals(), hashCode(), copy(), and toString() methods.

This article shows you how to use a custom Hibernate naming strategy when using Spring Boot.

Every entity query, be it JPQL or Criteria API, needs to be parsed and compiled to an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) in order to generate the associated SQL query. The entity query compilation takes time, as explained in this article so Hibernate provides a QueryPlanCache to store already-compiled plans.

Starting with Hibernate 5.4, the Hibernate Statistics object allows you to monitor the Query Plan Cache, and this article shows you how to take advantage of this feature to speed up IN query performance.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate OGM 5.4.0 has been released. For more details about this version, check out the release notes.

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