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Market share

According to the 2018 JVM ecosystem report published by Snyk, Hibernate has a 54% market share, making it the most popular Java data access technology.

Although it’s been available since 2001, Hibernate has been evolving constantly, and the Hibernate ORM version 6 is going to bring many new features and improvements, so stay tuned!


JPA 2.2 supports the following java.time types introduced by Java 8:

  • java.time.LocalDate

  • java.time.LocalTime

  • java.time.LocalDateTime

  • java.time.OffsetTime

  • java.time.OffsetDateTime

Apart from supporting all those types, Hibernate provides the following extra types:

  • java.time.Duration

  • java.time.Instant

  • java.time.ZonedDateTime

However, neither JPA nor Hibernate support the java.time.Year and java.time.YearMonth out-of-the-box. The following two articles show you how to support these types when using JPA and Hibernate:

Eugen Paraschiv wrote two articles about Hibernate:

Time to upgrade

Hibernate ORM 5.3.7 has been released. For more details about this version, check out the release notes.

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