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This DZone article shows you the best 5 books to learn Hibernate.


In this article, Jerónimo López explains several optimizations that you do to speed up batch processing tasks when using JPA and Hibernate.

When it comes to reading data, you should always fetch just as much data that you need to fulfill a given business requirement. Fetching more data than necessary is the most common problem that leads to application performance issues. For this reason, JPA and Hibernate provide a very flexible query pagination mechanism that works for both entity queries (JPQL and Criteria API) and native SQL queries.

Using DTO projections is a very efficient way of fetching read-only data. If you are using Spring Data JPA, this article explains how to use content negotiation for specifying the DTO type.

For our Portuguese readers, this article explains what database transactions are and why you need them to ensure data integrity.

In this article, you are going to find how you can simplify data persistence with JPA and Hibernate.

Eugen Paraschiv wrote an article about Hibernate proxies and how the Session load method works in comparison to the get or find methods.

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