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When using native SQL with Hibernate, you might bump into the No Dialect mapping for JDBC type issue if you try to select an SQL column type that’s not recognized by Hibernate. This article explains how to register JDBC column types either globally or at Hibernate NativeQuery-level.

Concurrency control is of paramount importance when using a database system. Luckily, JPA and Hibernate provide support for both optimistic and pessimistic locking. In this article, Arnold Galovics explains how the optimistic locking mechanism works when using JPA and Hibernate.

Eugen Paraschiv has published an article about Hibernate Search. If you want to use full-text search in your application, you should definitely give Hibernate Search a try.

Multitenancy is a very good solution when you need to accommodate multiple customers on the same database instance. Hibernate offers support for both catalog and schema-based multitenancy. For more details, check out this article.

This article offers a short introduction to the one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many table relationships, and how they are mapped when using JPA and Hibernate.

If you want to validate the JPA entity attributes at runtime without mixing the validation logic with the business one, you should check the Hibernate Validator project. This article shows you how to use Hibernate Validator to ensure that associations are not null.

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