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Since cloud computing becomes more and more popular, the need for database multitenancy becomes even more obvious. This article is a short introduction to database multitenancy, and explains how you can achieve it at catalog, schema or table level.

Hibernate Validator is the reference implementation of the Bean Validation specification, and it allows you to decouple the domain model validation logic from the business one. For more details, check out this introductory tutorial.

For our Czech readers, this tutorial shows you how to write data access code using both the Hibernate and the Spring JdbcTemplate.

In this article, Hayri Cicek explains how to develop a MicroProfile REST API with MongoDB, Hibernate OGM and Thorntail (previously known as WildFly Swarm).

When using JPA inheritance, you might want to restrict a given polymorphic query to fetch only a subset of subclasses. This article explains how you can achieve this goal when using the JPA Criteria API.

If you want to retrieve the underlying database connection when using Hibernate, this article explains how to do so.

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