Hibernate OGM is not maintained anymore

Hibernate OGM 5.4.0.Beta2 has been released!

Here’s a list of the main changes:

  • We support server side indexes definition for fast queries with Neo4j.

  • We support scripting and java tasks for Infinispan server.

  • Datastore client configuration using WildFly NoSQL subsystem.

  • Support for MongoDB GeoJSON type GeometryCollection.

  • You can provide a custom Protocol Buffer schema in Infinispan remote.

  • Infinispan remote supports now all unidirectional collections.

  • Infinispan remote sequences now uses Clustered Counters.

More details available in the release notes.

Components upgrade

  • Hibernate ORM 5.3.2.Final

  • Hibernate Search 5.10.2.Final

  • Infinispan 5.3.0.Final

Neo4j server side indexes definition

JPA 2.1+ @Index annotation is now supported for Neo4j dialect. This means that Hibernate OGM will create server side indexes for you, according to the entity definition. For instance, given the following entity:

@Table(indexes = {
        @Index(columnList = "firstname,lastname"), (1)
        @Index(columnList = "middlename"), (2)
        @Index(columnList = "nickname", unique = true) (3)
private static class Person {

        private String id;
        private String firstname;
        private String middlename;
        private String lastname;
        private String nickname;

Hibernate OGM will create three indexes:

  1. an index, allowing duplicates, on field pair (firstname, lastname)

  2. an index, allowing duplicates, on field middlename

  3. an index, not allowing duplicates, on field nickname

Where can I get Hibernate OGM?

You can include in your project the dialect of your choice using these Maven coordinates:

  • Infinispan

    • Remote: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-infinispan-remote:5.4.0.Beta2

    • Embedded: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-infinispan-embedded:5.4.0.Beta2

  • MongoDB: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-mongodb:5.4.0.Beta2

  • Neo4j: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-neo4j:5.4.0.Beta2

    • Infinispan Remote: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-featurepack-infinispan-remote:5.4.0.Beta2

    • Infinispan Embedded: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-featurepack-infinispan-embedded:5.4.0.Beta2

    • MongoDB: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-featurepack-mongodb:5.4.0.Beta2

    • Neo4j: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-featurepack-neo4j:5.4.0.Beta2

Alternatively, you can download archives containing all the binaries, source code and documentation from Sourceforge.

If you are interested about available versions, you can check the official Hibernate OGM download page.

How can I get in touch?

You can find us through the following channels:


Some of the new features have been contributed by: Aleksandr Mylnikov, Sergey Chernolyas, The Viet Nguyen and Aliaksandr Salauyou. Thanks a lot guys!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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