We just released Hibernate Validator 6.0.10.Final which comes with bugfixes and a brand new Dutch translation.

This is a recommended upgrade for everyone using Hibernate Validator and it is a drop-in replacement of 6.0.9.Final (see our migration guide).

What’s new

Bug fixes

This release is mainly about fixing a few bugs and regressions and adding compatibility with the Bean Validation TCK 2.0.3.Final that was recently released.

The main fixes are:

  • HV-1604 - Initializing JPATraversableResolver fails with IllegalAccessException: this is a regression from 6.0.3.Final, the JPATraversableResolver was not correctly instantiated and thus not used, even in a JPA environment.

  • HV-1609 - CDI extension should not rely on @WithAnnotations filtering: @WithAnnotations does not consider the annotations in the class hierarchy so a bean with constraint annotations only in the class hierarchy would not see these constraints applied.

  • HV-1614 - Unable to specify constraints at more than 1 nested parameter of a typed container: in the programmatic API, nested container element constraints and cascading were not working as expected.

JDK 10 support

You can now build and use Hibernate Validator with JDK 10.

Note that OSGi integration tests are excluded as we are still waiting for a new Pax-Exam release containing this fix.

Dutch translation

Maurice Betzel contributed a Dutch translation for our default validation messages.

Full changelog

The complete list of fixed issues can be found on our JIRA.


For this release, we received nice contributions from:

Thanks a lot for your bug reports and patches.

Getting 6.0.10.Final

To get the release with Maven, Gradle etc. use the GAV coordinates org.hibernate.validator:{hibernate-validator|hibernate-validator-cdi|hibernate-validator-annotation-processor}:6.0.10.Final. Note that the group id has changed from org.hibernate (Hibernate Validator 5 and earlier) to org.hibernate.validator (from Hibernate Validator 6 onwards).

Alternatively, a distribution bundle containing all the bits is provided on SourceForge (TAR.GZ, ZIP).

If you want to benefit from the new features of this version on WildFly, we also provide WildFly patches for WildFly 11 and WildFly 12. You can read about how to apply such patches here.

What’s next?

Our efforts are now directed towards the new 6.1, which will introduce some structuring changes such as allowing getters with non standard names (name() instead of getName() for instance), switching to Stax instead of JAXB for XML parsing as JAXB is being removed from JDK 11 and much more.

We updated our roadmap with the ideas we have for the future. If you want to join us, don’t hesitate to pick a task and come discuss it with us.

Feedback, issues, ideas?

To get in touch, use the usual channels:

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