This is the second CR release for the Hibernate ORM 5.3 family. 5.3 represents a JPA 2.2 compatible version on top of 5.2.

CR1 was work done to verify against the JPA 2.2 TCK. CR2 was, partially, work done based on the efforts of WildFly to certify against the full EE TCK, which has additional JPA-related tests.

The remainder of CR2 work mainly focused on binary compatibility for 5.3 with 5.1 and 5.2. Most of that work has been done under HHH-12424 and its sub-tasks. It was this work mainly that caused the delays in getting CR2 released. I apologize for that delay, but this was deemed a very important task.

See Jira for the complete list of changes

See the downloads page for details on obtaining this release

Previous 5.3 development releases:

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