The 17th bug-fix release for Hibernate ORM 5.2 has just been published.

What’s new ?

This release introduces several minor features and fixes more bugs.


  • tag is here;

  • the complete list of changes can be found here (or, for people without a Hibernate Jira account, here);

  • release bundles are at SourceForge.

For information on consuming the release via your favorite dependency-management-capable build tool, see releases

Changes in the @TableGenerator and @SequenceGenerator name scope

From 5.2.13 the id generator name scope was considered global but realizing this change could cause trouble for some existing projects (see HHH-12454), starting from 5.2.17 the scope of the id generators names will be considered local by default (which is the pre-5.2.13 behavior) and a new configuration setting hibernate.jpa.compliance.global_id_generators can be used to enable the JPA compliant global scoping.

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