Hibernate OGM is not maintained anymore

I’m happy to announce the latest release of Hibernate OGM: Hibernate OGM 5.2 Alpha1

The first thing you will notice in this release is that several dialects are not part of the core project anymore. We decided to focus our work on the Infinispan, Neo4j and MongoDB dialects.

Highlights of the release:

If you need to upgrade from a version before 5.2, you can find help on the migration notes.

All the changes are described in the release notes.

What happened to the CouchDB, Redis, Cassandra and Ehcache dialects?

They have now their own repository:

Keeping too many dialects aligned in term of features and releases is starting to impact the speed of our development. We decided to focus our attention on the most popular dialects and, at the same time, give contributors the freedom to manage the dialect without having to wait for us.

From now on, a new dialect will spend some time in its own repository and it will be included in the core project only if we consider it mature enough and, ideally, if somebody volunteers to maintain it regularly.

This also means that in the future we might not release all these dialects for each hibernate-ogm-core release.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about this.

Where can I get it?

You can get the required core library using the following Maven coordinates:

  • org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-core:5.2.0.Alpha1

and these are the backends currently available for 5.2.0.Alpha1:

  • Cassandra: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-cassandra:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • CouchDB: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-couchdb:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • Infinispan

    • Embedded: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-infinispan:5.2.0.Alpha1

    • Remote: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-infinispan-remote:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • Ehcache: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-ehcache:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • MongoDB: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-mongodb:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • Neo4j: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-neo4j:5.2.0.Alpha1

  • Redis: org.hibernate.ogm:hibernate-ogm-redis:5.2.0.Alpha1

Alternatively, you can download archives containing all the binaries, source code and documentation from Sourceforge.

What’s next?

Our work will focus mainly on the Infinispan Remote dialect and the upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2.

Special thanks

I would like to thanks some contributors that helped us adding new features and fix some unexpected behaviours:

  • Hubert Holierhoek for finding ways to make the queries on Neo4j faster

  • Raghav Jha thanks to him MongoDB native queries now support Map-Reduce and distinct operations

  • Sergey Chernolyas for helping with the MongoDB dialect and the work on the OrientDB and Apache Ignite dialects (coming soon)

  • Dimitrij Drus for helping us finding some problems with polymorphic hierarchies (now fixed)

How can I get in touch?

You can find us through the following channels:

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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