Hibernate Search is a library that integrates Hibernate ORM with Apache Lucene or Elasticsearch by automatically indexing entities, enabling advanced search functionality: full-text, geospatial, aggregations and more. For more information, see Hibernate Search on hibernate.org.

We just published Hibernate Search version 5.8.0.CR1, with bugfixes and improvements over 5.8.0.Beta4.

Version 5.8.0.CR1 is the last opportunity for the community to test it and report bugs before the release.

Hibernate Search 5.8.x, just as 5.7.x, is only compatible with Hibernate ORM 5.2.3 and later.

If you need to use Hibernate ORM 5.0.x or 5.1.x, use the older Hibernate Search 5.6.x.

What’s new in CR1?

Here are the most notable changes:

  • HSEARCH-2831: request signing for Amazon’s proprietary IAM authentication mechanism now requires you to set the hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.aws.signing.enabled property to true, allowing you to easily disable signing even if the hibernate-search-elasticsearch-aws JAR is in your classpath.

  • HSEARCH-2818 / HSEARCH-2821: sending requests to Elasticsearch is now much less memory-consuming.

  • HSEARCH-2764: we improved the orchestration of index updates before they are sent to the Elasticsearch client:

    • Index updates originating from a single Hibernate Search node will now be sent to Elasticsearch in the order they were generated, even when they come from different threads.

    • Mass indexing will now add documents in parallel, allowing you to take advantage of having multiple connections to the Elasticsearch cluster. Note you can customize the maximum number of connections using the hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.max_total_connection and hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.max_total_connection_per_route configuration properties.

    • The internal index update queues are now bounded, thus performing mass indexing on very large data sets will not trigger an OutOfMemoryError anymore.

    • We also made several other internal changes to improve performance (less Refresh API calls, more request bulking, …​).

  • HSEARCH-2839: when using a metadata-providing bridge, the bridge can now implement projection on the default field even if its type was set to OBJECT.

  • HSEARCH-2840: when using a metadata-providing bridge, the bridge can now implement projection on dynamic fields.

  • HSEARCH-2843: changing the limit/offset of a query now properly clears the query’s result cache with Elasticsearch.

For a full list of changes since 5.8.0.Beta4, please see the release notes.

How to get this release

All versions are available on Hibernate Search’s web site.

Ideally use a tool to fetch it from Maven Central; these are the coordinates:


To use the experimental Elasticsearch integration you’ll also need:


To use Amazon’s proprietary IAM authentication mechanism to access your Elasticsearch cluster you’ll also need:


Downloads from Sourceforge are available as well.

Feedback, issues, ideas?

To get in touch, use the following channels:

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